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I am a professional computer guy and usually build my own machines, but I recently decided to save myself some time and buy something that was already excatly what I wanted. I did a lot of research before settling on a $2500 Alienware computer that was supposed to have all the features I wanted.

Alienware charged my credit card instantly, but it took them about a month and a half to ship it to me. On their website you can see the progress of where they are with your machine. Mine, I could see, kept going back and forth between installing software and QA. After about a month, I received an email from the company apologizing for the delay with my computer, but still got no estimate on when it would actually get here.

When it did finally arive, the thing didn't work at all other than the blue Alien light on the machine glowed. The thing wouldn't even boot up. After so much time, I was of course not happy. I contacted the company and they said I could send it back to them at their expense so they could do a repair. Since it took so long to get the defective thing to me in the first place, I expected that a repair could be expected to take at least as long. The very unhelpful customer service people there could not assure me otherwise, and at this point I had enough.

I said I wanted a refund and they said that since I would not let them try and fix the machine (I don't see how they could be expected to do so when they couldn't even get a brand new machine to work after 6 weeks) then I would be charged a 10%restocking fee. So, in the end, I've learned a $250 lesson, don't by Alienware! Of course, the grief with the company might not be over yet...they have yet to refund my money although the machine was returned via FedEx about a week and a half ago.

Review about: Alienware Repair.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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I'm so glad that an alieware employee such as yourself is trolling the forums.

It's always nice to hear form someone with the IQ of a apple store employee.


maybe Sally never tried to get updated drivers from this company, that's why she's so willing to spread her **** and try to give good people her disease...

I love my Alienware, but even an advanced computer tech, such as myself, found this company to be extremely taxing


Alienware it a piece of junk. I have a $7,000 paperweight.

I pretty much have had the same experience. I bought a 3 year service contract which they have no honored. This is a ripoff and same don't buy Alienware. Sally should not have to be a PC technician to make her overpriced PC work.

Imo, it should be rebranded ALIENBEWARE ... we sell overpriced *** with poor service.


What a ***, huh?


Sally, Shut the *** up unless you want me to plunge my throbbing *** into every one of your little holes. ***

Fraijanes, Guatemala, Guatemala #45705

Sally sounds about as courteous and polite as the people at Alienware that I have dealt with. If they can't make the thing work after a month and a half, I doubt they would be able to fix it and get it back in a week. In my experience, they are slow and horrible at customer service.


So... was that $250 loss worth it?

They could have had it fixed in a week and returned.

You're a "computer guy". Maybe the power supply was not connected correctly to the motherboard. Maybe one of the memory sticks popped out of place during shipping. You could have saved yourself $250 by doing some simple troubleshooting.

But no... you're too good for that, huh?

***. Have a great day!

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