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To say that I am disappointed with my Alienware purchase would be a complete understatement.I purchase their "premier desktop" product at the end of 2009.

One week after the, almost $7,000, PC arrived at I started having problems and immediately requested a refund which they did not honor despite their 30 day money back warranty at the end of their support book. After an exhaustive list of issues that including: blue screening, BIOS setup issues, power supply noise, video card issues and then the crowning moment when my hard disk crash and I lost almost a month's worth of work, I shipped it back to Alienware (Dell) for repairs. I have worked in the IT industry for over 20 years and never have had this many problems with any electronic device or an experience so bad. In fact the customer experience has been so poor that I went out and bought an Apple notebook (btw, much better product).

After 3 weeks I received the "repaired" product back from Alienware only to find that I still have clocking issue, my PC requires hard resets to reboot, sometimes will not reboot, some strange clicking noise in the machine, Windows messaging informing me that the computer restart was an abnormal restart, patches are not loading correctly, a power supply noise that sounds like 747 is taking off and to top it all off scratches all over the cover. I called back into support who informed me that I need to once again need to ship the product back for repairs. This process and poor quality product will equate to almost 6 - 8 weeks of downtime, probably close on 4 full days of my time to manage the process, replace devices, reinstall applications, etc. and 1 month's worth of business data that has lost.

As a customer I seldom complain as my time is valuable and there are other options available to me, but I feel it my obligation as a consumer to make a point here given what I feel is just blatant false advertising. I'm assume this is Dell maximizing margins by selling the same low quality items shipped under what USED to be a quality and performance brand.

I say to buyers out there do yourself a favor buy anything else … you going to get the same crappy parts from someone else, but it is going be at the ¼ the price.Lol … the machine now won't reboot, what a horrible product.

Monetary Loss: $7.


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Lawrence, New York, United States #721787

I have alienware m15x laptop doesn't have amd radeon hd 7970m 8gb ram 2.4ghz

I *** off alienware worst technology ever don't buy it go to cyberpowerpc unleashed the power


???from livonia, michigan.

You might be the best PC expert in the country, no the world. Your analysis without looking at the machine or the config is simply brilliant. No that’s the word I’m looking, ah yes, retarded was the word.

If you have nothing to add of substance then don’t post a reply as you waste people time reading your dumb response.This machine is 100% stock standard Alienware, it is very simple … their product is ***


pish posh 20 years?more like a nights worth of reaserch and a bad girfreind.

any *** could see that you never actualy bought the alienware in the first place and second next time you try to upgrade to 16 GB RAM on a 32-bit system....try to hide it a little better


Hello Sam,

The following words should never be included in the same sentence as Alienware:

1. reliable

2. good

3. outstanding

4. issue free

5. high quality

6. great customer service

7. high quality parts

8. properly tested before shipping

You don't like how some people try to convince others not to buy a product, fine.

I don't like when an employee of a said company trolls forums just to improve the rating of a s**t company.

Your statement about about hearing many good things about alienware from other is as pointless as a toothpaste commercial: three out of five dentists prefer brand X. Which dentists? How about some phone numbers where we can call them...

Same thing goes here. Please provide links to the raving reviews from the many people who enjoyed their experience with alienware.

Sites that get paid for reviews don't count.

I for one am an ex owner of am alienware.

I owned one for 6 months. 4 of those months it spent being shipped back back and forth to the manufacturer for repairs. The never fixed all the outstanding issues with the laptop (BSOD's, random freezes, volume changing on it's own...)

After 6 months I was fed up and forced them to give me a refund.

I would sooner buy a mac than alienware (and I would sooner go swimming in the shark tank at the seaworld than buy a mac).

Alienware is the most unreliable company I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with.

Want something that will make you want to bang your head against a concrete wall? Get alienware. Want something more reliable? Get Etch A Sketch.


Did I mention the fact that the liquid cool pump rusts and then sounds like an airline jet taking off. The Xeno cards conflicts with the onboard card and everytime I reboot the machine I need to take out the video cable and plug it in again to get it to screen to show up and sometimes it will not do that until Windows loads so if u get a bluescreen, which it does all the time, you are screwed and need to bios config. Buy the machine if you want to become a PC technician as you will spending you days trying to get it to work.


I agree with CQ.I overpaid for a product whose entire positioning is around quality and service.

I received neither. The list of issues since my last post has continued to grow. I purchased a 3 year warranty and service contract which they frankly have not honored so I am sitting with an expensive paperweight and my only recourse is litigate, which is too expensive for a PC. It is simply a poorly manufactured product with what seems to be the worst service of any electronic device I’ve ever purchased.

I work in the IT industry and frankly Dell only caters to the enterprise customer, it does not give a *** about the home user other than screw us to make their margins. I completely disagree with Sam’s mindset the customers should keep quiet about these types of issues. These kinds of companies do not deserve to be in business or at very least should be forced to honor their positioning statements, if not force them to take their products off the market.

According to Sam logic if 1/10 pacemakers failed we should not complain.I stick by my statement to all that read this … do yourself a favor and don’t buy Alienware you are wasting money and will become another “pissed consumer”!


I agree with your review of Alienware, i've owned many types of computers, where I placed great care in the product. this experience has been a joke. I have had this for about 8 months, and:

1) The hinge is broken due to an engineering problem (google "m11x hinge"). I've been waiting for them to fix it/address it for weeks to months now. I've spent many unnecessary hours waiting to talk to CS or getting no useful help from Customer Service. I was hung up on twice by the their service team.

2) the computer shuts off on its own (even after turning off the accelerator). I spent hours trying to fix it with their service team. the technician they sent said he was confused and could not help me and to 'call back' to open another service issue.

3) even when purchasing the thing, it was close to a 3 hour process over the phone.

4) the computer feels 'junky'. The parts (side panels), hinge, stoppers, etc are made of a cheaper plastics, glues, and have already noticeably begun to fall apart.

5) i scheduled for the technician to come out, but the never came. that includes taking a whole day off, so I could be here for the 5 hour window they indicated.

As context, I had, cared for, and used a Dell XPS for 5 years straight with no issues due to my mishandling of the product. This is a clearly sub-quality product.

Buy another computer, and I would advise not an Alienware. It is really not worth it.


Got a M15x refurb unit, they sent the wrong one.Unit gets real hot under the case and rear exhaust.

Bulky and heavy. Performance not any better than Everex XT5300T(3 year old laptop).

Customer service not good at all on phone almost 2 hours.I agree with the previous post, laptops are way overpriced, your buying the name.


i have had 2 alienware laptops m9750 and mx15.both dead, overheating isuues, broke hinge in the screen, video cards out.

i spent over 5000dollars. will never buy a dalienware product again nor a dell product.

a few of my friend have dell and hate them.had a gateway before that lasted 10yrs and is still going strong.


Well Sam, I've sent it in three times.I paid for a 3 year FULL SERVICE agreement.

My wonderful Alienware continues to fail. Coll system and now the 2 X video cards switch randomly on bootup. If this is as you say the one out 1/10 product then why will Dell (Alineware) not replace the product that evidently is a lemon. Poor service and a poor product is just that.

Again, don't buy Alienware, whether it is for their crappy product, broken promises, "1/10" gamble, poor service, or if you don't want to waste $7,000.

If yous till feel you want to buy Alienware then I suggest buying a Dell machine for half the price.You'll get the exact same service \ ***.

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