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Well recently I decided to look in my *** alienware x51 r2 because it cant play games without the video settings set to low or medium at a decent fps.

When I took out the video card module, all there was was a little black box, and of course all the components that are needed to run my *** gtx 650 (if it was in there of course)

The two pci-e connector cables were just sitting there in my case and I had nowhere to plug them into. So of course I looked on YouTube to hopefully find a video that could maybe tell me what the *** is going on inside my computer, and i found an alienware support video, "how to take out the graphics card". So this video played out with a guy taking out the graphics card (pretty self explanatory) but of course, there's actually a graphics card in it. Huh...

So me and my little black box don't know what to do and i'm gonna take a rather large guess and say that the box probably shouldn't be like that.

The uploaded pictures are what i saw when I looked in my computer first. If someone can help with telling me what the *** the thing is it would be very appreciated because I really don't want to deal with alienware's tech support.

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