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I used to be a huge fan of alienware before they were bought out by Dell. Now, however, it is just an overpriced computer with a popular name and lots of fancy lights on the keyboard. The computers are HORRIBLE and what is worse, the customer service is pathetic. Here is my story.

About a year after I purchased my computer, the frames per second got really bad playing various games, mostly LoL. I'm talking like 10-18 fps...unplayable. After countless hours on the phone with tech support, they finally said they'd send out a technician to replace some parts. I even agreed to buy a better video card for about $300. He came out, worked on the computer for a couple hours, and then told me the vid card doesnt fit the MB. Well that's odd, then wth did you sell it to me for????

Since they had concluded the vid card was bad, and now the new one doesnt fit, I'm still out a laptop. After another visit, the laptop is still behaving poorly, so I finally stick it in a box and send back to dell to have them fix it there. I get it back..still not fixed. I gave up, bought a new computer.

However, after staring at the $2k+ desk weight for a couple months, I decided I should get it fixed once and for all. I called them again, explained the saga, and was told I was now out of warranty. I spent the $350 to renew my warranty and sent the computer back to them. Got it back....still wasn't fixed.

I just let my kids use it for a few months for kids games, since it was good for nothing else, until my bro came into town and tried to use it for LoL, and again, noticed the horrible fps. Frustrated, I contacted dell the next day, explained the situation, told them in addition, the battery was no longer charging and I got big bios warnings on bootup. They tried to work me on the phone, but after an hour, I told them I didn't want to diagnose and troubleshoot over the phone, and waste my time, so they sent me another empty box, and I shipped it to dell AGAIN. I told them I wanted a fresh format of the hdd, fixed components, tested, good fps, etc.

I get it back 3 days later and it says they've replaced the ac adapter. OMG! That's not going to do anything! Sure enough, I boot up, load up LoL, and watch the 15 fps.

I call dell, waste another hour on the phone..explain the situation all over again. This time they say they'll put in a request to have all the parts replaced and that'll it'll take about a week to approve. They guarantee me that in no more than a week, I'll receive a call back with further instructions. Fine..I'll wait.

2 weeks goes call.

I call them, explain the story AGAIN..waste another hour on the phone. Guy explains that the managers were on vacation, and they need THREE manager approvals for this parts replacement. So I guess the customer has to wait for guys to get back from hawaii to get their laptops fixed. Awesome service man.

He says that they have 2/3 approvals, and should get the last one by tomorrow, and I'll get a call back no later than tomorrow. Fine..I'll wait.

5 days goes call.

As I write this, I'm now on hold with a supervisor..who tells me "we don't do call backs here sir."

Just unbelievable!! He is now reviewing the case as I sit here on hold. Another hour wasted on the phone with Dell. This has got to be the worst customer service and lemon of a computer I have ever bought.

I went and bought a cheapo Asus for $1300 with gaming components, and havent had a single issue with it at all.

Do NOT buy an Alienware. You will regret it.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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Orlando, Florida, United States #638365

It is a Limon computer *** happens I agree the CS is messed up as *** but,people can only do so much and things come up!

I would call them back if they don't fix it call the better bushiness burro and explain the hoops they are making you jump though!

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