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Problem after problem after problem since buying an Alienware m14x in October. Here's the latest issue:

Two weeks ago, I called Dell in with a problem that ended up with the motherboard having issues. (

After the technician changed the motherboard, I was left with display issues (and still am actually). I called Dell once again to schedule an appointment for another technician last Tuesday (5/15) to come out and fix the issue once the parts arrived. The representative said that it would come 2-3 days however I haven't been contacted by him to update me with my issue. I was expecting a call from a technician on Friday or the very least Monday but received nothing. When I called tech support on Friday, the representative told me that I should be receiving a call on Monday to schedule an appointment. Monday rolls around, and again I receive nothing.

An automated messaging system calls me Monday to announce that I have an appointment from the hours of 1pm-5pm on Tuesday for a technician to come out however, today I received a call from Texas, where Jonathan, a service coordinator told me that a technician should be arriving today and to give him a call if I never receive one from the technician. I have called 3 times already and left 3 messages but no one has even tried to call me back to tell me what's going on. This is not right for Dell to leave their customers hanging on the line to wait like this. People have things to do, and have work to go to and can not be waiting like this. It's disrespectful to their customers especially when we dish out thousands for these machines that should not be having so many problems time after time. I understand machines break down however this sort of customer service is absolutely and downright disrespectful.

I have called Dell's technical support once again, and found that the technician noted that he tried to call me and even left a message to tell me that he will be rescheduling for tomorrow. I didn't receive anything on my phone, there were no messages that were left. Not on my phone nor the other number that was given in case mine was unable to be reached. Customers should not have to wait continuously to just to meet the time that Dell technicians feel like coming out. Not only has my technician not called me back, but the service coordinator, and the representative that was handling my case. No one seems to feel like handling the case or to at least give me a call on updates but instead make me wait hours. I had the representative escalate this problem because this isn't right. I wasn't angry before but this is just too much. The moment that I bought my laptop I've been having nothing but problems. I just want a working computer that isn't going to break down every few months.

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