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I take a delivery of what thought was bad *** gaming lap top, For $3371.87 + tax the systems seem to performed like it was advertised. 9 months into usages, I discovered what a poor qualities it was made from, the hinges that attached to the cheesy cover broken in pieces, I guess from opening and closing the laptop after each use, At a closer inspection I found that the pieces that was attached to the steel hinges are made of plastic with a metal insert into the plastic pieces and it it screws into the metal hinges. Now if Alienware has paid attention to it customers feed back then they would have avoid poor quality control and round out the M15x raw performance. well to make a long story short, I've contacted Alienware for repair, but their excuses was my laptop is out of warranty and I will have to paid for the repairs. I think for $3100 machine Alienware should honor it commitment to it customers and do the right thing..


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Monetary Loss: $3371.

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Once AW stopped using Clevo chassis on their laptops and switched to Dell's vendor of choice, UniWill/ECS, everything went to ***. If you want a powerful laptop still made on the solid Clevo chassis, try Sager.

Blows AW out of the water on performance and price. They use desktop processors (yes i&'s) in their notebooks.


I work as in tech support at a company that once sold Dells. It is well known in our company that the Dell logo does not imply the same quality it did years ago!

I was an Alienware customer. I have purchased three of their laptops and two desktops. All over $3500. Frankly, now that Dell owns Alienware, I would no longer put out that kind of cash.

There is no way on Earth I would pay that kind of money knowing the lack of quality that passes as Dell computers. Good luck!


thats how all laptops are. blame dell there the ones who now own alienware


wow. thats crappy.

you would think that a 3 grand laptop would be able to solve world hunger and give you a reach around at the same time, guess not. thanks for the heads up, i wont get one now.

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