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PC had a number of technical issues in the year following purchase which eventually led to having to replace the graphics card. The motherboard also had to be replaced within 18 months due to a manufacturer fault, which meant that the processor and memory also had to be replaced due to no longer being compatible. This was all at my own cost as the machine only came with 1 year warranty. I was also promised a rebate of £200 but this was never... Read more

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My Alienware doesn't have a graphics card in it....
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Well recently I decided to look in my *** alienware x51 r2 because it cant play games without the video settings set to low or medium at a decent fps. When I took out the video card module, all there was was a little black box, and of course all the components that are needed to run my *** gtx 650 (if it was in there of course) The two pci-e connector cables were just sitting there in my case and I had nowhere to plug them into. So of course I... Read more

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I sent in the computer to the company. They said it would be 5-7 days in repair shop (plus one day up and one day back for shipping). It has no been 3 weeks since I sent it. First they closed the bill before it was finished so no work was done on it. Then they forgot to order a part until last minute. Now it is almost friday of the third week and I have not received a single update without hastling my support contact there. What a load shite. Read more

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Only had my alienware for about 7 months and video card went bad, worse yet, it was determined that i needed a new motherboard. When the tech came to install we found that the motherboard still had a admin password associated with the machine which wouldnt enable us to set up the pc. I WILL NEVER BY ANOTHER ALIENWARE, DELL PRODUCT AGAIN!!!!!!

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The customer service sucked. They made me wait 30 minutes for someone to reach me and they gave me a person that told me to do something that would fix my computer for one minute and hanged up i called back and they said all are busy call back later

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I recieved my second new Alienware 17 R3 Laptop on 02/24/2016 with the best I-7 Processor a 6820Hk Nivida Geforce GTX 980 32 gigs of ram 256 gb Pcie +1Tbhard drive 4k screen hard drive. Product looks like a great product for a paper weight let me tell you there customer service is a joke there tech support even worse soon as I booted it up got really hot and then blue screen of death after 2 times with junk after spending over 3000.00 I'm done... Read more

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Spent $1700 on a high end Alienware desktop for my son for Christmas. Purchased 10/5/2015, in advance. It was garbage out of the box. It overheated and they said the video card was just bad. I told them I wanted the whole thing replaced but they said too bad, since I bought it 10/5/15 it was out of warranty... (It had been out of the box for exactly one day!) They convinced me to send it in for "thorough diagnostics and repair" against my... Read more

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Me: My Alienware will not post. I’ve tried several things as directed on your site and many user sites and failed to resolve the issue. The screen remains black, the keyboard lights up, the Alienware logo lights up, the fans (sometimes) come on but does not go past that stage. I would like to send my computer in for out of warranty repair. Will you help me with this? I will PAY them to work on it, but this is the email thread: Them: Thank... Read more

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A year and half ago I spent over $4,000 (including the warranted) on the best possible M17 I could buy. I had read about freezing and hanging issues with Alienware laptops but hoped that everything I read on the internet wasn't true, unfortunately it was in my case. The day it came in the mail I plugged it in, booted it up, logged into windows for the first time... and it starting freezing. The laptop was more or less useless. After two months... Read more

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  • Oct 29, 2015
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Alienware is a waste of time in every reason waiting for a computer for a month and a week. Got a call and have too wait another week maybe more there not sure...?

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